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Casey loves marriage, well actually he loves being married to his beautiful bride Christa. They have been wonderfully in love and happily married since 2001 and have 4 amazing kiddos. His most favorite thing to do is to hang out with his family. Casey has been captivating audiences through public speaking for over 13 years. It is his passion in life!  He has had experience speaking to smaller intimate crowds as well as crowds of thousands. Casey is also crazy passionate about people and is excited about the opportunity to connect with you.

In his own words:

“I started Urban Officiant because I remember how important our wedding ceremony was to us. We wanted a ceremony that was fun and reflected our faith in Jesus. We wanted to start the party off right! I would love to help you create the perfect wedding ceremony that truly expresses you and helps make your “big day” a HUGE success!”

Casey is an Ordained Minister with Christian Ministers Association of Canada.

Weddings are meant to be a celebration, an event to be remembered with love and laughter. Brad is passionate about marriage and family. He loves serving couples on their special day to help reduce the stress and create the ceremony they envision – one that is personal, memorable, unique, and fun.
Along with Brad’s experience in various leadership platforms, public communications and relations, he has degrees in counselling, theology and leadership. Having counselled couples and families from all walks of life for the past 20 years. He speaks regularly to groups on issues regarding everyday life and family success.
In his spare time you can find him spending time with his beautiful wife and daughters, investing into people, weightlifting, playing guitar or watching a good show.  
Brad is a certified Life Coach and an Ordained Minister with the Hope Church YYC.
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Angela loves love! She believes in relationships and the importance they hold in individuals’ lives. She is newly married and she knows how important it is to have the right person officiate the wedding and to have the right words said. She is a writer, speaker, teacher and mentor. 

She loves to find out the story in each person’s life and celebrate the highs and lows that life can bring you. Angela believes it is important to publicly declare your love for someone as you enter into a commitment with them in front of family and friends! She knows that when two stories come together, it’s worth a good celebration! Connect with Angela if you would like her to officiant your wedding. 

Angela is an Ordained Minister with Christian Ministers Association of Canada.


Levi is all about investing in people and their stories. It is a dream come true for Levi to have the honour to bring couples together in marriage before God and his passion for this has only grown deeper. Levi is fun-loving and outgoing.

He has worked with people as a pastor for many years but when he’s not doing that, you’ll find him spending time with his wife, barbering, skateboarding, crushing coffee or riding his motorcycle. We know that marriage takes a lot of faith and trust to function well and be all that it can be. It’s not something Levi takes lightly. We are excited to have him as a part of our team and believe he would be the right fit to officiate your wedding. Grab a coffee with him and see for yourself!

Levi is an Ordained Minister with the Apostolic Church of Pentecost of Canada.

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Sara loves to see people in thriving relationships, where trust and love are the foundations to flourishing life together.  She is passionate about creating strong communities by investing into the lives of people.  She is a global adventurer, having travelled to over 60 countries and loves celebrating all cultures and traditions.  She works with global ministries that empower vulnerable women through economic initiatives, education, and leadership development.

She has been in Christian ministry for over 20 years and when she’s not doing that, you’ll find her hiking, snowshoeing, or booking a flight to explore new destinations.  She is full of joy and loves to laugh and celebrate with people.  Book a time to talk about how we can plan a joyful wedding ceremony for you.

Sara is an Ordained Minister with the Christian Ministers Association


If you take a closer look, you’ll see Cliff living out what he wholeheartedly believes – life is a precious gift! He would say that the most tender and special facets of life are found in committed relationships. So, it’s with honor that he approaches your marriage, this moment in time, that celebrates your journey together up to now and acts as a monument and declaration of your love for each other to look back on in your days ahead.

Cliff wants your day to be the best that it can be. With his public speaking experience and sensitivity to who people really are, he loves to find the treasures that people carry and will go above and beyond for your day to reflect those treasures as the two of you commit to becoming one on this special day ahead!

Cliff is an Ordained Minister with the Christian Ministers Association of Canada.

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Jennette loves people! Her passion is to serve others, make authentic connections, and see people flourish in every part of their life – especially love! On your wedding day, she desires to create a ceremony that is a unique and personal expression of who you are, how you love, and the community that surrounds and supports you.

Jennette is an attentive, compassionate, and competent officiant, who also loves to laugh and have fun! Along with her experience working with people in non-profit organizations, post-secondary education, and hospitality, Jennette holds a Bachelor of Management and Master of Business Administration. As an Ordained minister, Jennette truly values culture, love, and marriage.

In her spare time, you will find Jennette adventuring in the mountains, doing water-sports, playing sports, camping, travelling, and spending quality time with family and friends.

 Jennette is an Ordained Minister with the Christian Ministers Association


Jason believes marriage is one of the biggest and best decisions you can ever make. He is passionate about healthy relationships and healthy marriages and values getting the chance to know couples and support them as they journey together towards their wedding day. His relaxed yet professional demeanor is sure to set each couple at ease and instill confidence and excitement about this special moment in their lives. He loves having the chance to listen to each couple, understand what makes their story unique and weave these details into the wedding ceremony, creating a day that is memorable for the couple and their loved ones.

Jason has been married to his gorgeous wife Liz for 4.5 years and has two young girls, Lily and Summer. In his spare time he loves cheering on the Flames and Blue Jays, cycling and checking out local cafes.

Reach out to Jason if you would like him to help craft a meaningful ceremony,

Jason is pastor and registered marriage officiant through Experience Church in Calgary.

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Connie loves making weddings memorable. She and her hubby have been married since 1999 and have 2 boys. Connie is a sought out speaker for the way she connects with audiences and she brings that same heart to the wedding ceremony.  Connie also happens to be a hip hop dancer and could be utilized to help you with your first dance as well! i

In Connie’s words: “I joined Urban Officiant because I love creating with a couple their most special day of their lives!”

Connie is an Ordained Minister with The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.



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Jodi is passionate about the gift of marriage and all it represents. She loves to get to know couple and personalize their ceremony in a way that reflects their unique love story. She grew up in Northern Minnesota, met her husband Tim in Winnipeg, Manitoba. As a dual citizen, she has made Canada her home as they have been married for 31 years and have resided in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan since. They have 4 daughters of which two are married, and are blessed with two adorable grandsons. Founder of two non profits and recent seminary graduate, she now enjoys a more relaxed pace of spending more time with family, writing and speaking.

She looks forward to working with couples on their journey to become husband and wife and provide additional support where requested.

Jodi is an Ordained Minister with Christian Ministers Association of Canada.


Nate believes life is all about relationships. His personal motto is: “people are worth it”. Nate is convinced that your wedding is all about you and should reflect you. As such, Nate will endeavour to genuinely connect with you to ensure that your voice is honoured during this exciting wedding season. Nate’s appreciation for customized weddings comes from his own unique wedding (which he would love to tell you about over coffee).

Nate has been married for 16 years and has 4 children. With a passion for community, Nate has worked with people for over 17 years as a youth pastor, mentor, family care worker, and is currently a middle years teacher. In his spare time, Nate can be found at a coffee shop networking, listening to/playing music, camping, or riding his bicycle. Nate loves weddings and would be honoured to be a part of yours. Reach out today!

Nate is an Ordained Minister with Christian Ministers Association of Canada.

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Keli is all about impacting the lives of others by giving of her time and skills. She has invested her life into building strong relationships through investing in people. Her passion is to see people live out their life in such a way that it brings hope and change to the community around them. Keli is all about service and throughout her life and career she is always on the pursuit to serve others at the highest level. Keli will say that one of the greatest investments she has ever made in her life has been into her marriage of over 20 years to Peter. She loves to share her own love story of how she and Peter fell in love and started their lives together. After being engaged for over 5 years before the actual wedding day she knows how important your special day is and how long you have dreamt of it becoming a reality. 

Keli has a love for travel and adventure. She can be found either on her dirt bike at the cottage in Muskoka, surfing at a beach in Mexico, or out for a hike with her Vizsla Rogan. 

Keli would love to partner with you in creating a wedding experience leading up to and at the altar that you will never forget!

Keli is an Ordained Minister with Christian Ministers Association of Canada.